Ace Dragon Corp.

Established in 1991, Ace Dragon Corporation’s R&D center is located in the Hsinchu Science Park, which is the heart of Taiwan’s high-tech hub, giving us access to the best engineers on the island. To offer comprehensive services to our clients in China, we set up an HQ in Shanghai in 2002. Sales offices and service stations are also set up in Kunshan, Suzhou, Beijing and Dongguan.

<5%RH SMT Components Storage Technology

Dr. Storage Ultra-low Humidity Dry Cabinet

In compliance with industry standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD033B.1, Dr. Storage ultra-low humidity dry cabinet is your BEST CHOICE for storing SMT components.

X2M series: Stable <5%RH to ensure your components are stored in appropriate condition and away from high humidity.

T40W series: Stable <5%RH and 40℃ to speed up the evaporation rate of moisture from the components and to reset the FLOOR LIFE of components. Also come with double wall structure to ensure stable 40℃ inside the cabinet.

Equipped with:
- RS232 data recording function
- Humidity and temperature buzz and flash alarm
- Calibration reminding
- Special “Slash Door” design
- Anti-static paint, glass and wheels
- Software for recording and monitoring
- Modular design for easy upgrade in the future

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