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Established in 1991, Ace Dragon Corporation’s R&D center is located in the Hsinchu Science Park, which is the heart of Taiwan’s high-tech hub, giving us access to the best engineers on the island. To offer comprehensive services to our clients in China, we set up an HQ in Shanghai in 2002. Sales offices and service stations are also set up in Kunshan, Suzhou, Beijing and Dongguan.

Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH, T60M-1200-6

Ace Dragon Corp. offers Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH with superior quality and reasonable price. Also, offers excellent Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH, Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH, ensuring high quality and professional performance. Furthermore, we provide customized solutions to our clients based on their demands and assure the delivery of all consignments within the promised time-frame. We are highly lauded for our timely delivery, customization solutions, and flexible transaction modes. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH.
Baking 60 Dry Cabinet


Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH

Description :

T60M-1200-6 Baking 60℃ Auto Dry Cabinet is a plug and play, fully auto dry cabinet which will be stable at 60℃ and <1%RH. It is especially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages.
  • Slash Type Window
    ◎Function: store ISO documents such as work sheets or quality instructions.
    ◎Benefit: avoid human errors, simplify QA management.
  • Innovative Humidity Management Tool
    ◎Data Logger(option): automatically record ambient & internal humidity data.
    ◎Benefit: save labor cost, simplify performance monitoring.
  • Automatic Alert Function
    ◎Display built-in alarm: activate the flash & buzzer when the humidity or temp. is higher than the setting of upper limit.
    ◎Benefit: avoid abnormal humidity conditions by reminding users in real time.
  • Interior Lighting
    ◎The LED light can be turned on by door opened or switch.
  • Calibration Reminding Function
    ◎When the hygrometer runs over 365 days, the display will be flashed for reminding users.
    ◎Benefit: comply with ISO regulation, avoid inaccuracy of hygrometer.

Accessories :

  • Data Logger
  • Chrome-plated grid shelf

Product Line :

Model T60M-1200-6 T60M-600
Product Image
Temperature & Humidity range 60℃, <1%RH
Precision ±3.0%RH, ±1.0℃
Recovery time (Open door 30 secs) Open door 30 seconds and close, 5 mins recovery time to <5%RH, 20 mins recovery time to <2%RH
Voltage 110V/230V
External dimensions (mm) W1200*D770*H1805mm W600*D770*H2005mm
Internal dimensions (mm) W1140*D500*H1460mm W540*D500*H1460mm
Shelf dimensions (mm) W1080*D460*H20 W480*D460*H20mm
Capacity 833L 395L
No. of Shelf 5 5
Power consumption Ave. 850Wh
Max. 2400W
Ave. 350Wh
Max. 1650W

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Our company is a reputed Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH manufacturer in Taiwan. Our professional environment attracts the highest qualified personnel in our industry. We have built a reputation that all of our associates are proud to represent. Everything we do as a company is based on reinforcing our position as the finest, most responsive solution provider in the Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH industry. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Baking 60°C Dry Cabinet 60°C, <1%RH.